Tracking of equipment down to the last detail. Safety of your employees to a higher level. Tracking and geofencing are standard parts of the solution. Together with you, we work out a business case and when it proves positive, we decide how to proceed. We offer solutions for indoor and outdoor localization, possibly combined. Read more

Monitor maintenance intervals of equipment or ensure that you are warned in time if some temperature becomes too high or too low. These are just a few examples of value-based IoT. The powerful event manager ensures that you are notified in time. With the Insights module you can obtain historical insight in, and predictions about the use of your equipment.

Tank monitoring

We make tank monitoring intelligent. Based on AssetIQ and with smart sensors, the filling of the gas tank is read several times a day. On this basis we have developed a number of smart applications. This allows you to save on transport and ensure that your customers do not have a depleted tank before you know it. The customer satisfaction will increase. Read more


Based on IQ platform, we can fulfill various wishes in a cost-efficient way. We can quickly develop the exact app for you. For this we work together with leading suppliers to find the best solution for you to come.



IQplatform contains standard modules for finding equipment and people. We can easily add indoor maps or use the outdoor maps available via the internet. Tagging, connecting, create maps, done.


Event manager

A smart event manager ensures that you are notified as soon as an important event occurs. Temperature too high? Someone in a location Trackingwhich is not allowed? An email or a push message will inform you and you can take immediate action.



Once you know where and when your equipment is used, you can plan maintenance based on usage data and maintenance intervals. You can for example also have a route optimization calculated automatically. The options are endless. IQplatform contains possibilities to easily develop and use your solution.



The IQ app provides direct insight into important reports and can warn you if necessary. If needed this can easily be added to the mobile app.



With an extensive API, the IQplatform offers opportunities to enrich data in your existing systems, or to collect data from your existing systems in order to create a combination of existing and new data to make new insights visible.


Easy and Intelligent

EasyIQ focuses on facilitating IoT projects. We provide advice and find the right resources together. Ultimately, we aim to increase efficiency through making data available that have not been visible before. In doing so, we contribute to making companies more profitable and sustainable and ultimately reducing material use and emissions.